4 Steps To Finding A Reliable Dissertation Writer: Practical Tips

You should be very careful when choosing a writer to do your dissertation. There are high risks to come across someone who will disappear with your money, leaving you with nothing. Or, you may receive your paper, but it will be poorly written and demand numerous revisions. Deep research is needed to be done before you make your final decision. The process may be considerably simplified if you take the following steps. Don’t miss any of them, and you will be satisfied with the writer you find.

  1. Explore the niche.
  2. Start looking in all possible places. The more options you will consider, the faster you will see tendencies in the field. Namely, you will get to know what average prices on such services are and what guarantees are usually provided. Writers who claim to write good dissertations can be found in the following places:

    • Online writing services;
    • Freelancers’ websites;
    • Social media sites;
    • Message boards; etc.
  3. Sort out suspicious resources.
  4. Browse websites of the writing companies. Do they look professional? Are there any mistakes? Is content good? If the site is created anyhow, or, even worse, some mistakes strike the eye, don’t risk. Visit the contact page. Do they encourage contacting them whenever you want? Is there a landline telephone number provided? If yes, the company is likely to be reliable. Freelancers should also have their websites or blogs to refer to.

  5. Contact personally.
  6. A direct contact with your writer is the first thing you should ask for. If you deal with a writing company, you should be allowed to talk with your writer in person. Dial a telephone number and talk to a suitable candidate. Is his or her English fluent? Is he or she interested in your project? Does he or she agree to stay in touch with you during the whole writing process? If answers to all these questions are “yes”, this is a good sign. You should also be guaranteed to receive an original and plagiarism-free paper.

  7. Check experience.
  8. Your writer should be experienced both in academic writing and in the subject of your paper. What degree does he or she have? Has he or she already completed dissertations? Ask for the samples. Are you satisfied with what you see? Your writer should have a doctoral or at least a master’s degree in your field of study. If you are lucky to find such a person, you may rest assured that your dissertation will be good.