Picking Up Fresh Dissertation Topics About The WTO Tips & Examples

Every year, the World Trade Organization (WTO) presents a listing of global problems and global solutions that they work to improve as they govern the worldwide trade between countries. These problems can be current events that have caused issues with worldwide trade or they could include how certain countries manage geographic issues that they are facing in their day to day lives but this worldwide forum has compiled these lists and they provide valuable topics for dissertation candidates to choose from due to their relevancy.

Below are fresh topic examples that are generated from the WTO publications:

  1. Developing a new system of worldwide governance for trade and looking at ways to improve the way trade is governed and managed both locally and globally to determine if improvements are available and feasible.
  2. Analyze the roles of today’s business leaders in how they influence governing worldwide trade. Should worldwide trade be governed by world leaders or business leaders?
  3. Review the issues around commodity price spikes with agricultural products and how they influence worldwide international trade. Look at upcoming issues and trends that influence price spikes.
  4. Review the impact of climate change on worldwide trade. Review the rules and restrictions that all parties must operate within and determine if there is room for improvement or change in these guidelines.
  5. Review issues around protectionism and how this impacts foreign investment strategies and direct investment strategies worldwide.
  6. Compare and contrast competitive trade practices with foreign trade policy and how these two can both work together and have conflicting goals.
  7. The implications of implementing worldwide trade laws and how these rules can be both governed and enforced in the free market.
  8. Review both trade and employment issues during a world economic crisis, look at how different markets managed these issues and still survived.
  9. Look at how innovations in technology are both shared and protected in worldwide partnerships developed in the government, private and public sectors.
  10. Review potential solutions that could be implemented globally in the agricultural food chain that supplies worldwide markets.

The WTO regularly publishes a list of topics that are on their agenda for improvement. By reviewing the topics above, or the list published by the WTO, any dissertation student can find a multitude of potential ideas for topics they can use for writing.