How To Write A Dissertation Acknowledgements Page: Tips & Examples

A dissertation can really be quite a dull thing to read. Many dissertations lack the touch that makes them more or less personal, that shows the personality of their author, makes the text catchy and interesting. What can it be in a dissertation?

You can make your project more or less lively with the help of your personal discussion of the research, results, methods and other significant things. As well, you can give your work a touch of your personality with the help of a dissertation acknowledgements page. This is the page that provides your thanks to people who have helped you in the process of writing.

To compose a good acknowledgements page, you can search for examples on the Web and in libraries. Choose several reliable works of other students and see how this page is completed. Find out whether you can get reference books that offer guidelines on formatting and organization of this page. As well, you can use examples from these books and online databases.

Now, let’s see who can be thanked in your acknowledgements page.

  1. Your supervisors.
  2. The very first people who should be mentioned in this page are your direct supervisors. They are the ones who have made your research possible and assisted you through the process. Give special thanks to your immediate curator.

  3. Your assistants and advisors.
  4. Everyone, who has ever rendered you assistance in your working over the dissertation, should be mentioned in the acknowledgement page.

  5. Your friends and helpers.
  6. You don’t need to name the type of services they have rendered you, like you have slept on their sofas after discussing some problems until it was too late to go home. You just need to express your gratitude to them and show that you appreciate their support.

  7. People who have helped you get to the grad school.
  8. Recommendations always mean a lot when you need to represent yourself as a good and reliable person and a devoted student.

  9. Your virtual supporters.
  10. You should not hesitate, thanking people who have ever rendered you their help via the Internet, through specialized forums or social media. They will be pleased to see that you appreciate their participation, and it will be the best expression of your gratitude.

  11. Your family.
  12. Surely, you need to mention your family. There is no good work without a reliable background. Your home and family are the background that allows feeling comfortable and secure in the process of devoted working over a project.