The Top 10 Best Dissertation Titles Related To Social Work

It helps to have a list of random ideas when trying to narrow down your dissertation title. Looking through other titles for ideas is the best way to discover the perfect title for your own paper. You can use the following list to get the creative juices flowing.

  1. Children born while their mothers are incarcerated: how do they have a chance to make life different for their child?
  2. Information technology and the effects on the way adolescents communicate and interact with other people.
  3. Life after cancer surgery – how an individual recovers and how the entire family is affected.
  4. Leadership development in the constructs of social work. Is it suited more toward a qualitative or quantitative study?
  5. Youth who have come of age out of the foster care system and are in the transition into the real world. How are they coping? Are they struggling or succeeding?
  6. A study into the way social networks give support to family caregivers. Is there an adequate support system in place?
  7. How mental health, physical health and drug use determines stigma of elderly people.
  8. What factors may either help or hinder working collaboratively between disciplines when in a hospice setting?
  9. Safeguarding children: what impact is felt when multiple agencies are involved?
  10. Exploring the attitudes and perceptions of subjects such as oppression that exist between healthcare workers and the Italian community.

The title should be an accurate description of your paper and directly reflect the topic statement while at the same time being interesting and compelling. Your title in a sense is a very narrow summary of your entire paper. It should directly state exactly what your research is about so the reader knows what pathway they are taking in reading it. This can be a little tricky because it’s easy to put too many words in the title, trying to adequately explain your research paper. It must be long enough to say what’s necessary and yet short enough to be direct and succinct.

Check with your professor to see if there are any limitations on the title. Some fields of study may have guidelines to follow as far as the number of characters used or the number of lines long the title is. You may wonder why so much effort has to go in to making the perfect title. Mostly it’s because it’s the first thing someone reads to know what your paper is all about.