Basic Components Of A Strong Dissertation Proposal In Physical Geography

A student should present their dissertation proposal to their committee before they start seriously working on their projects. This way, a committee will be able to indicate what amendments a student should make in their plan to meet the necessary requirements. If you need to create a proposal for your dissertation in physical geography, you may look at the list of components that you should include in this document below.

  1. Objectives.
  2. At the beginning of your proposal, you should present your topic and state the main goals that you’re going to achieve in your study. Make sure that there are not more than three overall objectives. You may also include a rationale in this part.

  3. Background.
  4. Here, you should provide the reader with the information about the main schools of thought and areas of study that you’re going to base your research on. Don’t confuse this part with the bibliography where you should just make a list of references.

  5. Research details.
  6. After you’ve presented your general goals and context for your work, you should state the exact research questions that you’re going to answer in your dissertation. Make a clear outline of your research area.

  7. Methods.
  8. The next thing is to inform the reader about the type of methodology that you’re going to use in order to achieve your goals. Indicate whether your work is empirical or non-empirical and make a list of activities that you’re going to engage in.

  9. Potential results.
  10. You should state what outcomes you expect to receive after your research is done. Don’t try to guess the exact results, but rather explain your general expectations. If you can predict the exact outcome, your work will be pretty pointless.

  11. Limitations.
  12. Unfortunately, it’s almost impossible to conduct perfect research. You should indicate in advance what factors will limit your actions and what questions you won’t be able to answer within your study.

  13. Timeline.
  14. It’s advisable to indicate the approximate period of time that it’ll take you to complete your dissertation project.

  15. References.
  16. Provide the list of main theoretical sources that you’re going to use in your work.

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