Dissertation Topics: 25 Unresolved Problems To Explore

A dissertation is often thought of as a crowning achievement of the academic work you have completed during your time as a graduate student. For those entering specific fields the document will often influence a career path. A dissertation could take several months to a few years to write and should be on an original topic that will occupy a great portion of your life. Here are 25 unresolved problems to explore when writing your graduate dissertation, prepared by professional writers at Thesis Geek:

  1. The effects of diseases such as HIV or AIDS on the African economy.
  2. An analysis of the travel patterns amongst the elderly through different societal factors.
  3. Discuss safety and health strategies that are required in offshore oil and gas operations.
  4. Higher education and affirmative action initiatives. Have they failed to produce the desired diversity on college campuses and the professional world?
  5. Reevaluating the existing rating systems used to determine sustainable water in urban areas.
  6. Evaluate how artificial intelligence will affect SEO and how business marketing models will change.
  7. Capital punishment’s effectiveness on deterring violent crimes. A misbelief or a reality?
  8. Evaluation the impact of low interest rates on traditional savings accounts versus high interest of loans
  9. The political campaign trail and unethical uses of corporate donations.
  10. Teach for America opportunities and the program’s effect on the nation’s education system.
  11. Investing in youth education as a way to lower dropout rates in high school.
  12. Student debt as a burden on the nation’s economy and possible solutions to funding.
  13. Should students be placed on probations when they first arrive at university?
  14. Finding recruitment alternatives for military divisions targeting able-bodied persons across economy status.
  15. Describe the impact of price scales on items in the fair trade category.
  16. The diminishing quality of education at over-populated universities and colleges and the available solutions.
  17. A discussion on the difference between e-business strategies and models.
  18. Do you think the regulation of oil and gas has evolved enough to account for population growth?
  19. Should athletes be allowed to turn professional after the age of 18, regardless of their choice to go to college?
  20. How investment in developing countries work (or doesn’t work) and the potential for abuse.
  21. An assessment of e-government systems in underdeveloped countries around the world.
  22. A study on whether media methods and technologies have an effect on child development.
  23. Provide an assessment of corporate governance and the current capital structure of first-world countries.
  24. Analyze how corporate social responsibility is too large an entity to be left to self-governance and provide reasons why an oversight committee must exist.
  25. Youth unemployment in the U.S. and it’s impact on the economy and social services.