7 Basic Ingredients Of A Winning Dissertation Proposal

As you prepare to write your dissertation proposal, you need to realize that it is through this proposal that you will either be allowed to work on the final project, or sent back to the drawing board. Lots of students spend a lot of time here, going back and forth, but you should not. The main reason for this is because as long as you know what to do in order to help you write one of the finest dissertation proposals so far, there is not much that you will ever have to worry about. The following are some of the key ideas that will help you make yours one of the best papers you have ever written so far:

  • Good title

  • Strong introduction

  • Thesis statement

  • Background information

  • Proper choice of research methods

  • Supportive evidence

  • Good use of literature

Good title

Always make sure that you choose none but the best titles for your paper, because this will make your work a whole lot easier when you are trying to convince the teacher that yours is a worthy paper.

Strong introduction

A good introduction acts as the perfect first impression for your work to the reader, so make sure you put in a lot of effort in this chapter.

Thesis statement

One of the parts of your introduction that has to be given a lot of emphasis is the thesis statement. It provides a good sense of direction for the rest of your work.

Background information

Every good paper must have a reason for its construction. It is because of this reason that your paper must have a solid background information chapter to work with.

Proper choice of research methods

As you are choosing the research methods that you will present for your paper, it is important for you to make sure that you choose only the ones that are able to shed more light on your paper by supporting your topic.

Supportive evidence

Never present any factual information that is not supported by some good evidence. That is the easiest way to fail a paper that you were set to pass in the first place.

Good use of literature

Together with the supportive evidence that you will be providing for your work, you should try and make sure that you get some good literature to boost your arguments. This will also help support the direction of your discussion.