How To Come Up With Strong Dissertation Titles About Religion


Religion has been a source of much contention ever since time immemorial. The sensitivities of people towards their religions are known to lead to unpredictable catalyzing events that may lead to extremely sorry consequences. Keeping this in mind a great measure of consideration and deliberation is warranted when writing about anything in close proximity to religion.

The real issue now

Now coming to the actual issue of the question about how to come up with strong dissertation titles about religions.

Firstly, it is required to understand that papers about religion can be broadly categorized into the following classes:

  • Doctrinal
  • Theological
  • Historical
  • Hermeneutical
  • Exegetical

The particular class in which your paper will fall will determine the particular range and scope of the title and content of your paper. Not all religious paper will, naturally, follow a similar manner of execution or creation.

Another noteworthy point is that religious papers typically follow a Turabian style for the citation of sources.

The following are some useful tips that you should keep in mind while coming up with titles for your dissertations…

Do not find a title. Create a title

If you try to look for titles from studying different resources such as preexisting papers related to the subject matter of your theme or topic, you will soon find yourself failing miserably.

Be original, and use your own faculties and creativity to come up with your own title.

Think carefully, is the topic/title just right?

At the end of the day it will be you who will be writing the paper, therefore you must carefully consider if the theme or topic that you are choosing if in accordance with your aptitudes.

This means in simple terms that the topic should be around your centers of interest. You should have the knowledge, skills and resources to conduct work on the title that you will end up choosing.

Is the title attractive?

The title will be a case maker or breaker. Just by reading the title, a good proportion of your readers will have already developed a particular mindset.

Since the title sets the tone for the readers to read the rest of your paper with, you must choose this tone craft fully. Not only should the title be condensed and must encapsulate the content of the paper, it should land the attraction of the readers.