The Top 20 Unexplored Thesis Topics For College Students

How to properly write and properly format a dissertation thesis?

  • Step One: The student has to ensure that they have approval from their professor or the dissertation committee to write on a particular topic.
  • Step Two: The graduate student must ensure that they have a list of at least five possible subject matters to submit to their professor or committee for immediate approval.
  • Step Three: The student should do some preliminary research on the topics before deciding to do a thesis dissertation on it.
  • Step Four: After doing the preliminary research on the selected subject, it is good to put that information into a preliminary outline.
  • Step Five: The student can use the preliminary outline as a guide to begin the initial research on the chosen subject matter.
  • Step Six: Once all research has been completed on the topic, it is time to create an outline of the research notes.
  • Step Seven: The student will use the research outline as a guide to begin writing the first draft of the thesis term paper.
  • Step Eight: The writer must ensure that they have a clear understanding of their position on the main topic and how they will answer the thesis question.
  • Step Nine: The writer should not write the final draft of the research paper until after the two rough drafts of the paper have been reviewed by a third party.
  • Step Ten: Once the final thesis term paper is completed, it must be proofread by a professional editor to check for errors in spelling, grammar, and sentence format.
  • Step Eleven: After the corrections have been made on the final term paper, it is time to turn the dissertation thesis into the professor or committee for grading.

Here are 20 unexplored thesis topics for college students:

  • Topic #1: Indiana law on companies being protected from legal ramifications of not serving gay couples or lesbian couples.
  • Topic #2: The Zodiac killer phenomenon.
  • Topic #3: Are whites becoming the new minority?
  • Topic #4: How Congress think they can run the country without the President?
  • Topic #5: How to resolve the many conflicts in the middle east?
  • Topic #6: Social media influence on young people.
  • Topic #7: The side effects of too much exposure to social media on young people.
  • Topic #8: Is there really a problem with global warming?
  • Topic #9: Is going green the right way to save the environment?
  • Topic #10: Are young black males a dying species?
  • Topic #11: How to combat police brutality against young black men?
  • Topic #12: Is it good to require police to wear body cameras to combat altercations between police and civilians?
  • Topic #13: How is President Obama doing running the USA?
  • Topic #14: Will there ever be a time when people do not fight for race or religious beliefs?
  • Topic #15: Is assisted suicide considered a sin?
  • Topic #16: What is the big deal about reality stars like Kim Kardashian?
  • Topic #17: Why can’t gay couples and lesbian couples adopt children?
  • Topic #18: Do children really need to be raised by a mother and father?
  • Topic #19: What is the true meaning of happiness in the 21st Century?
  • Topic #20: Why is Congress being difficult with the President of the USA?