Creating Catchy Dissertation Titles On Entrepreneurship

When writing a dissertation paper on a slightly obscure topic such as entrepreneurship, you may have a little more difficulty than usual in trying to narrow down the perfect dissertation title. Even if you have chosen a broad topic, finding a stellar title for your paper means a little more work. Here are some suggestions for you:

  1. Think about what you’re trying to convey with your title. It’s not just a generic label for naming your research. It’s also a very succinct summary of what your entire work is all about. It should be able to communicate the vital essence of your research and give an exact sense for what follows.
  2. Choose your words and language carefully. Each word must count. Your title should be a reasonable length to convey your message yet not be cumbersome or bulky. Clarity is essential. With no unnecessary words, each character has its place and serves a function in the title.
  3. You may have to adhere to academic conventions. For example some fields of study may allow compound titles or main and subtitles; others may not.
  4. Maintain focus. The title should be short yet relevant. It should display the aim of your research.
  5. Stick with the proper format required by your school of study.
  6. There is usually no place for humor in a title of a paper of this caliber. Save the humor for something else.

Knowing a little background of some of the rules and guidelines of titles should help you on your way. Keep reading for some great examples of brilliant titles in entrepreneurship.

  1. How the innovation of global technology has affected small-business entrepreneurship on a large scale.
  2. Discovering entrepreneurship as a distinct force in society.
  3. Understanding entrepreneurship through studying the social behaviors of a specific culture of people.
  4. How entrepreneurship develops the capability of isolated groups of people.
  5. How entrepreneurship has molded and shaped the business model.
  6. The attempt to meld management theory and practice together: using design as the mediator.

Using these title ideas in a general way can help you take your specific topic and shape a title that suits your content. They are meant as a guideline only and not to be used as is. Example is the best teacher they say, so use these examples to practice shaping your words into interesting and effective titles.