A List Of Great Film Editing Dissertation Topics

After the actors have done their parts, and hours of recording have been compiled it is now time to construct the final cut. This process is a lengthy one and involves many parts. It also has the ability to seriously affect the overall effect of the film and the way it is received by individuals. Here are ten great film editing dissertation topics for your consideration.

  1. Editor’s favorite
  2. In the final cut a particular extra was put into way more scenes than you would expect. Show how this indicates favoritism on the editors part.

  3. I thought I was going to be in the film
  4. Explore possible reasons a producer might have for completely removing an actor from the movie even though they have been paid. How does this affect the actors?

  5. I saw a camera man during the movie
  6. Poor editing can be a serious embarrassment to a company. Describe the negligence that can lead to an obvious flaw such as a member of the staff being including in the finished movie.

  7. That scene made no sense at all
  8. Sometimes the director makes an attempt at a particular style of artistic expression and fails drastically. Discuss how this affects a program.

  9. What is this about?
  10. The purpose of the editor is to cut out irrelevant scenes and peace the movie into a complete package to be viewed. Describe the ways many have failed to achieve this.

  11. She was facing the wrong direction
  12. A simple oversight can lead to serious consequences for a movie or television series. How do these mistakes affect the enjoyment of a viewer who notices it.

  13. The producer has feelings for an extra on the set
  14. Sometimes, during a movie, you notice a particular extra way too many times, in different scenes. At what point does it become obvious that someone in production has a special liking for this individual?

  15. The green screen could have been used better
  16. Many shows have failed at portraying an actor in a double role, how do u think this process can be improved?

  17. That is obviously not the star
  18. A script can demand some very extreme actions by the cast and usually a stunt double is called in to perform these acts ensuring the safety of the main actor. How does this affect the movie?

  19. Important parts of the story seem to be missing
  20. Poor editing can leave a show in scattered pieces of seemingly unrelated scenes. How does this occurrence affect viewers on average?