Excellent MBA Dissertation Topics In Finance: 20 Expert Suggestions

The Master of Business Administration (MBA) program has become very popular these days. It isn’t surprising since this internationally- recognized degree is very versatile and can be applied in various ways. Whether you successfully run your own business or just consider starting your corporate career, having the MBA degree is an indisputable advantage.

Picking an MBA Dissertation Topic in Finance

Finance is a broad and complex field covering a variety of constantly changing facets. When selecting your topic, remember to consider the following nuances.

  • Take a narrow and specific area that can be completely explored in your dissertation.

  • Do extensive research on your potential topic in recent publications and online sources. If you refer to new and reliable data, your MBA dissertation topic will be a success.

  • Make sure that you can qualitatively analyze available information on your topic. If you have a clear idea what statistical technique can be applied in your research, you’ve chosen a good topic.

MBA Dissertation Topics in Finance to Consider

  1. Eliminating the risks faced by international investors.

  2. The role of the World Trade Organization in stabilizing the global financial crisis.

  3. Corporate capital structure in your country: theory, evidence, and practical research in the field.

  4. The role of individual investment in the national economy.

  5. Side effects of global economic recession by the example of your country.

  6. The credit crisis in banking: causes and effects.

  7. Investors’ attitudes towards allied countries and hostile countries: dependence of financing decisions on the situation on the political arena.

  8. Online banking in industrialized and underdeveloped countries: looking for similarities and differences.

  9. Credit cards and debit cards in a developing country: researching social preferences in a particular country.

  10. The role of acquisitions in the banking industry.

  11. Privatization of a particular enterprise and its profitability: a critical analysis.

  12. Micro-finance institutions versus micro-finance banks in your country: a comparative study.

  13. Privatization of a particular bank and its profitability: a critical analysis.

  14. The impact of corporate social responsibility on the company economic performance.

  15. Dependence of interest rate on the share price.

  16. Successful domestic and foreign banks: analyzing and comparing key factors leading to success.

  17. Methods for credit scoring in domestic and foreign banks: a comparative study.

  18. Profitability of Islamic and traditional banks: comparing key determinants.

  19. Car loans and house financing in local and foreign banks: a comparative analysis.

  20. Self-employment through micro-finance banks in your country: analyzing the existing situation and assessing the prospects.