A List Of Great Dissertation Ideas On Speech And Language Pathology

Having an idea about your target area of study makes it easier to complete your dissertation on speech and language pathology. An idea is different from a topic or a title in that it is broader and is later narrowed down into the topic and title. It is from the idea that you will conduct background research and establish the specific topic you wish to study.

What makes an excellent idea for a dissertation on speech and language pathology?

  • Relevant- your idea or area of study should resonate with current trends in the industry as well as the community. Your paper should address real concerns instead of being idealistic.
  • Original- you are required to avoid common topics and instead be inventive as to provide a new perspective or explore new areas. Only lazy and unenthusiastic students recycle topics that have been studied for years. Such ideas are not captivating to read and will only attract lower grades.
  • Unique- a unique dissertation idea on speech and language pathology will be captivating to read. Though you may be studying an area that has been researched on over and over, you are required to provide a unique twist that will arouse curiosity in readers.

Here is a list of fresh dissertation ideas on speech and language pathology

  1. Graph comprehension among students with dyslexia
  2. How language comprehension and functions are affected by traumatic brain injuries
  3. How to predict the reading skills of a child at three or four years
  4. Verbal creativity among young and older adults
  5. Recall and note fidelity among older adults following the note-taking training model
  6. How to maintain a healthy airway and avoid speech related diseases
  7. How old age affect processing speed from text into speech
  8. The effect of FM systems in worship places
  9. Speech perception among Jordanian-Arabic speaking kids
  10. The relationship between auditory recall, perception and divided attention
  11. Skills in phonological awareness among healthy children and those suffering from phonological impairment
  12. How native language influences adoption of foreign language
  13. How adults acknowledge hearing loss or impairment
  14. Voice management among professional users
  15. The preference and nature of alexia in Aphasia

There are many other unique ideas for your dissertation on speech and language pathology. Your choice of an idea should be guided by passion and personal interest. Ensure that you select an area that is of social concern so that your work can be used to provide a solution.