The Top 30 Most Interesting Thesis Topics In International Relations

International relations is not an easy subject for anyone, especially if you do not have solid knowledge about other cultures. However, it can be very interesting and you can find out many new and fascinating things on how other countries influence your own. There are many aspects that you can analyze in a paper, even if you are talking about culture, language, politics or economic elements. It is entirely up to you what you chose, but it’s the best for you if you have a personal interest in the matter. It is obvious when you write with pleasure about a topic and when you make effective research.

  1. Historical international agreements. For sure you can think about some crucial agreements that were made between your country and a close region. Mention them and the consequences that appeared.
  2. Benefits of military alliances. It is very common to hear about military alliances between countries, that provide support when one of them needs it. What are the major benefits?
  3. The European Union. Present the history of this organization, what were the primary causes that lead to this and what is the situation today.
  4. NATO. This is maybe the most known alliance between such a big number of countries. Present the political consequences.
  5. Developing countries. Many times organizations offer economic help for countries that are struggling with different aspects.
  6. International diplomacy. Should politicians have preferential treatment in some countries, based on political treaties?
  7. Exchange students. Some universities have special exchange programs for students, that allow them to know other cultures.
  8. Globalization. What are the advantages and disadvantages?
  9. International law. What are the laws that are applied to every citizen?
  10. UN. Describe the organization and the history of it.
  11. Human rights.
  12. International Education.
  13. Humanitarian Assistance. When are other countries entitled to offer help to people in need?
  14. International disease prevention.
  15. Public health Emergency planning.
  16. Foreign labor.
  17. Agreements regarding nuclear weapons.
  18. Cease fire treaties in the Middle East.
  19. Arab Spring.
  20. International Oil exploitation.
  21. Cash transfer between countries.
  22. Terrorist organizations and how these can affect international relations.
  23. Migration.
  24. Political refugees.
  25. International agreements are the solution for poverty?
  26. Foreign investors and how are these influenced by international policy.
  27. Do you think that all the countries should have open borders?
  28. Soviet Union and the foreign relations.
  29. Is internet an important factor in international communication?
  30. Emergency help in case of natural disasters.