5 Excellent Suggestions On Writing A Thesis Abstract

What is a thesis abstract?

The best way to describe a thesis abstract is to declare it is as a mini version of the thesis. The abstract must include the purpose of writing the paper, the methodologies you will take up to back up the statement and the consecutive route to be followed. An abstract is the getaway through which- a reader will go deeper into your paper.

Five suggestions to write a thesis abstract

  • Know your readers
  • Based upon your reader-base, you need to organize the points in your abstract accordingly. But this has to be done, once you have consulted with your mentor and got his/her approval. If your reader-base is younger, then you should put forward the results first. On the other hand, for more scholarly reader-base, maintain the proper pattern.

  • Learn what should go inside an abstract
  • There are mainly four parts that has to be there in an ideal abstract. The first part would be stating the purpose of your paper. Why you have zeroed upon on this specific topic? Apart from that, the methods would be mentioned there. It must be followed by the results you have deducted and the conclusion you have come to.

  • No new idea, no re-phrasing here
  • Like the conclusion part, the abstract also shouldn’t contain any new idea that will not be there in the main body. The abstract part should be in such a format that even if you chuck the main body out, the abstract should come across as the stand-alone text. Also don’t re-phrase the title of your paper in the abstract part.

  • It should be carefully concise
  • The USP of any abstract should be its neatness so keep that in mind. Your abstract shouldn’t exceed more than 280-300 characters. Your expertise and finesse as a writer would only be proven- if you are able to punch so many things properly within such a narrow set-up. The ‘first person’ voice, abbreviations as well as the passive verbs have to be discarded fully here.

  • Write, re-write and revise
  • Many scholarly electronic databases will keep only the abstract of your paper. Also many scholarly associations will show interest to publish it, if your topic is impactful. So write and format it in such a way that the future researches get an inspiration from it and develop it into further study. The abstract has to be penned down once you have finished off writing the whole paper. Re-write and revise it repeatedly until you are not satisfied.