A List Of Good Dissertation Topics In Business Management

Instead of doing a final exam or a mid-term test, some business management classes will require students to write a dissertation. Although this may initially seem like a difficult prospect, it can actually be a good thing for students. With a dissertation, the student has plenty of time in advance to research and prepare their paper. Instead of being put on the spot on exam day, they have the time to make sure that everything is perfect.

Choosing a Topic

The main thing that students need to focus on is choosing a topic and beginning the research. Students should begin working on their business management dissertation as soon as possible so that they can finish it in advance. To get started, students can use some of the following topic ideas to brainstorm a thesis statement. If none of the following ideas work, students can always mix several of them together or modify them into an entirely new thesis statement.

Business Management Topics

  1. Is it possible to prevent monopolies and unfair practices? Look at the case of Microsoft and similar businesses to make a case.
  2. Does offering employee stock options help to improve the company's profitability? Do employee stock options help a business to attract and retain a talented workforce?
  3. Does outsourcing some of the office assistance of project management help a company become more profitable?
  4. How can businesses make sure that they protect personally identifiable information that is processed online?
  5. Should large corporations be allowed to seek a profit regardless of the consequence that it has on society?
  6. How much does language matter when expanding an international corporation? Use examples like the naming of Coca-Cola and Pepsi in China or the failure of the Chevrolet Nova in Mexico.
  7. Are teamwork and humility becoming more valued in corporate leadership?
  8. Is there a relationship between the profitability of a company and its corporate social responsibility?
  9. What is the effect that globalization has had on United States corporations?
  10. How does a company's organizational culture impact the businesses innovation and employee creativity?
  11. How can companies work on building a brand and a reputation with social media? Does social media make it easier to build a brand or harder?
  12. How is regional strategic management operated in companies like Starbucks and McDonald's?
  13. Is it fair to require environmental and safety regulations from corporations when many countries around the world do not have to deal with them? Does this situation make first world nations less competitive?