A List Of Impressive Dissertation Topics Related To Leadership

There are dozens of books published every year about leadership. The popular press is full of titles, but most of them have one major problem: they show no evidence of valid research. Some of these books are written by former executives that have no academic background. It makes for light reading, but not much more than that. A dissertation is a writing project centered in research. The intention is to advance knowledge in a given field and the writer looks for topics that will do that. In an effort to get away from the “Leadership for Dummies” genre, a student can think about the following possible topics for a leadership dissertation.

  • Transformational Leadership’s Ability to Influence Goals.
  • Laissez-Faire Leadership in the Social Media World.
  • The Influence of Bureaucracy on Leadership Style.
  • Leadership in the Face of Financial Emergency: the Best Possible Traits.
  • Gender Politics and How It Influences Leadership Traits.
  • The Death of Classic Leadership.
  • The Role of a Charismatic Leader in a Nonprofit Bureaucracy.
  • Leadership Impact on Social Policy.
  • The Psychology of Leaders in Crisis.
  • Female Leadership in the Manufacturing Sector.
  • Contract Leadership in Executive Positions.
  • Leadership Traits of a Successful Entrepreneurial Executive.
  • Effective Leadership in the Face of Strict Government Regulations.
  • Ethical Pitfalls for Charismatic Leaders.
  • Leadership in a Team Oriented Company.
  • Failure of Leadership in the Great Recession of 2008.
  • Leadership and the Subtle Art of Persuasion.
  • Leading Subordinates Who Have Greater Skills.
  • Leadership and a Global Economy: Opportunities and Challenges.

Being creative in defining a dissertation topic pays very serious dividends. The topic may constitute a challenge, but it is a short-term effort. You have to write the dissertation and all the research, but that is not going to take decades for you to do. You make a very favorable impression on your advisor and the dissertation committee. If you come up with a highly original topic. As long as you have the research methodology and the literature review to back up your inquiries, there is no major mountain to climb. In fact, the work can give you a fair amount of credibility in the academic world.

It can also be a gold star in the business world. Someone who becomes an expert in leadership can eventually become a very well-paid employee or a consultant in high demand. It therefore is a very smart idea to look at the dissertation topic with an eye to the future. If you have a topic that is going to generate attention, and successfully produce usable content, it holds the potential of you receiving substantial reward in the future.