A List Of Interesting Dissertation Titles In World History

The history of a single country is a large field of study; world history is an endless source of mysteries that many researchers explore. Choosing an interesting dissertation title in world history is a responsible task.

The writer of the dissertation should be able to find facts from various sources, compare them, create a whole research process, etc. It is not an easy task. The following list of dissertation titles is a great source of inspiration for those looking to write an excellent research paper under the topic of World History.

  1. Farming in ancient Egypt: peculiarities of the irrigation system.
  2. Ancient animistic religions and their influence on the formation of primitive societies.
  3. Leonardo da Vinci and his contribution into the epoch of Renaissance.
  4. The reasons of crusades and the crusaders’ way of life.
  5. The period of three kingdoms in China and the process of their unification.
  6. The influence of Spaniards’ invasion of South America on the local people.
  7. The development of the first sewage systems in the Roman Empire.
  8. Common facts in the lives of the great prophets.
  9. The evolution of writing from the earliest samples to present days.
  10. The democracy as the most widespread system of government.
  11. Predominating tendencies of women’s fashion in the Middle Ages.
  12. The importance of Greek and Roman cultures in the development of exact sciences.
  13. The philosophy of samurais in Japanese culture.
  14. Magna Carta and its influence on the rights of poor people.
  15. Modern cannibal tribes that still inhabit distant corners of our planet.
  16. The role of international banking systems during World War II.
  17. The process of witch hunting and inquisition in the Middle Ages.
  18. The evolution of books’ creation throughout the world history.
  19. The cult of death on the Indonesian islands.
  20. Present day military conflicts and their reasons.
  21. The great depression and its impact on the economic system of the world.
  22. The evolution of the League of Nations into the United Nations Organization.
  23. The threat of the terrorism: the most horrible terroristic attacks of the 21st century.
  24. The antislavery science: the early stages of the abolitionist movement.
  25. The influence of volcano eruptions on the economics of the 3rd world countries.
  26. The development of railway building in the USA.
  27. The oldest cathedrals in Europe and the technology of their creation.
  28. Historical background of yoga culture and its influence on the western culture.