Picking Interesting Zoology Dissertation Ideas: Tips & Examples

Why do some insects migrate during certain times in the year while others do not? Why are bats the only mammals that can fly? Why are lions social animals that live in herds while other large cat species prefer to live in solitude? These are just a few questions to consider when picking interesting zoology dissertation topic ideas.

The best dissertations bring up original and interesting ideas that successfully push the field of study to new heights. But it isn’t always easy for students to come up with ideas to focus on for several months. Here are a few tips for choosing some ideas and examples of dissertation topics in the field of zoology:

  • Read Zoology or Biology Journal Articles:
  • One of the most effective ways to developing a fresh and original idea is simply reading through what others have studied and thinking of ways to take those studies into new directions. Sounds easy? It usually is. Remember that you only need to brainstorm ideas so go out there and read some academic journals to find whatever stirs your mind.

  • Think Creatively and Out of the Box:
  • Is there a way you can combine what goes in economically, politically, or environmentally with something that interests you within the field of zoology? This is what we mean by thinking outside the box. You can very well develop an a great dissertation topic idea by looking for ways to expand your field beyond its borders to incorporate a field that other people are interested in.

  • Consider the Questions You Would Like Answered:
  • By the time you are writing your dissertation you will likely have had plenty of experience reading textbooks and academic journals on a number of topics. And you’ll also be likely to have several dozens of questions that have piqued your interest but haven’t yet been answered. Write down a few of these questions and conduct some preliminary research. If you find that your inquiries haven’t been addressed fully then you have a great place to start your research.

  • Ideas to Help Inspire Your Mind:
    1. How do zoologists methods towards helping animals in preservations align with what is being down for animals in captivity?
    2. Are zoos ethical or are they the best way of keeping people educated about the world that is shared among thousands of species?
    3. How can politics help promote animal conservation when it seems to be inefficient in handling other matters? What solutions do you propose?