How Craft A Dissertation Proposal – Advice From A Professor

Writing a dissertation proposal is an important step towards completing your studies. The aim of the proposal is to convince your committee that you have a question that is worth pursuing. Further, it provides a justification that you understand what it will take to pursue the question. With that in mind, where are important points that must be demonstrated by the proposal.

  • The availability of a definite and delimited research question that is also interesting enough to sustain a paper

  • Your ability to explain the question to a stranger who does not understand your discipline or area of study

  • Valid hypothesis that can stand quality test

  • That you have a plan that can effectively test the hypothesis you have developed

The proposal does not have to contain all the details. It is just a pointer of the things that you will be covering in your actual dissertation. This means that you do not have to read all the literature in your area of interest. However, you must demonstrate understand on basic principles in the discipline and your specific area of study. This will be shown by the preliminary arguments you make. Make an effort to locate relevant materials that will support your hypothesis.

Consult Widely

Working with your dissertation supervisor and committee will help you write a compelling proposal. Agree with your supervisor on the extent of research that must be demonstrated in the proposal. The supervisor and committee members will also provide samples, examples and templates that will simplify your writing process.

Beyond consulting your supervisor and committee, use library resources to enable you craft a captivating paper. There are numerous papers on different websites that can be used as examples. The example you use to develop your proposal should be proofread.

Consider Using a Template

A template provides a frame onto which you will fill-in your materials. It saves you the hustle of having to worry about the structure and instead focus on the content. Credible dissertation proposal templates can be found from research paper writing agencies. Some are offered for free while others are available at a fee. Consider asking for a template from your department, supervisor or committee members before turning online. These sources are genuine and will provide the best quality templates.

A good dissertation proposal will make your actual paper easy to complete. Consulting with your seniors, supervisor or committee will reduce the time taken wondering what to do. Getting quality assistance will improve on the quality of your final proposal.