How To Choose A US History Dissertation Topic

Writing a dissertation about US history can be both rewarding and challenging. There are so many aspects to consider when reviewing this subject matter. Your interests will lead to potential ideas on what to write about. Yet, you need an idea that will help you get a great paper without getting stressed out. One idea includes reviewing example papers written by previous students and getting inspiration from their topic. Here are tips and ideas on how to choose a US history topic for your project.

Learn about Other US History Topics Written in the Past

Find examples of history papers written by other students for additional ideas. Reviewing previous ideas help you find something suitable to meet academic expectations. Learn about ideas based on your interests. Think about an area of history that offers interesting insight you want to write about. You can think about ideas from different perspectives. For instance, you can consider a person, place, thing, idea or an event that had a big impact on the United States.

Make List of Ideas Most Interesting to You

US history can include some complex ideas. Keep in mind you don’t have to go back decades to find a good topic. You may have interests related to recent history such as events that occurred in the last few years. Your interests will give a basic idea of what you can write about. For example, if you like cars you may be interested in the first motor company to produce them in the United States. If you like fashion, you may want to research some of the first clothing stores or early designers that set trends many still enjoy today. Write down what you like through brainstorming.

Consider Current Events and Potential Sources Needed for Research

Your dissertation can highlight something of interest related to current history. What are issues people are talking about related to your field of study? When considering US history you can think about relations with other countries such as policies related to trading or exporting goods. You can look into concepts related to how people communicate with each other or how technology has change how people relate to one another. Consider resources you will use during writing process for good data to help generate ideas. A history project needs reliable sources to give you good credibility. Make a list of solid sources when you decide on a good topic.