Top 13 Thesis Topic Ideas In Accounting: Best Suggestions From An Expert

If you are tasked with writing an accounting thesis, there are many ideas you have available to you. You can find things that you really like, things which relate to your studies and your interests. But if you are having some trouble thinking of great topics to cover for your accounting thesis, there are 13 different topics below that might make for an interesting piece. Bear in mind that these are only meant as a guide and you should use them as a starting off point from which to find something that you actually enjoy, and something which relates to your particular thesis requirements and your particular field of study within your academic institution:

  1. You can write a comparative piece that evaluates the effectiveness of green accounting policies within different financial departments for two similar businesses or universities.
  2. You can write an analysis about intellectual capital and how it is actually the hidden value of many companies in their financial documents, especially companies such as Microsoft and Samsung.
  3. You can write a critical audit of the financial performance of a company of your choosing including a SWOT analysis of their last four years and their current situation among the market.
  4. You can write an evaluation of the effectiveness of different audit committees in two countries.
  5. You can write about the future growth patterns for a particular business with a Z score analysis.
  6. You can write about the influence that business education has for the top executives in a small or medium sized business and how it influences their hedging behaviors.
  7. You can write an analysis of the value relevance of different accounting information after new international standards were adopted for financial reporting.
  8. You can write a comparison of different methods used for international accounting.
  9. You can write a review about the financial reporting requirements for different non-profit organizations.
  10. You can write about the role that auditors have started to play in companies after the global crisis.
  11. You can write about different credit rating agencies and the role that they have played in the financial crisis, especially between 2007 and 2009.
  12. You can write about the different growth options available for private mortgage backed securities.
  13. You can write a review about different accounting ethics and what role these ethics have played in the decision making process for two different countries.