How To Come Up With Good Dissertation Topics On Leadership

There are many aspects to leadership and when writing a paper on it, one must consider all relevant factors pertaining to this concept. The point of view of the leader as well as the followers and the effects of actions taken by both must be included in this study. Here are 10 Dissertation topics on leadership:

  1. What are the traits of a leader?
  2. Explore the possible character traits possessed by recognized leaders that differ from that of the average person. Provide convincing arguments that these traits are in fact responsible for the person’s ability.

  3. Why is control necessary?
  4. Some argue that having to conform to rules and laws set by those in power robs them of freedom expression. Explore the possible outcome of a society with no form of central control.

  5. What decides a person’s role as a follower?
  6. Explore reasons why everyone should be given a chance to make decisions for the whole instead of voting and not being addressed as a result of a minority vote.

  7. How to define or identify effective methods of control?
  8. Explore the ways in which our present methods of leadership are given more credit than they deserve.

  9. Can corruption be directly linked to power?
  10. A politician often becomes unscrupulous and greedy after gaining office. Can this behavior be directly attributed to the acquisition of power or was the individual always corrupt?

  11. What are the disadvantages of being in charge?
  12. A person is usually required to relinquish all hopes of a normal life when they gain power, how does this deny the individual of personal needs?

  13. What are the advantages of being able to control people?
  14. Some people are just good at moving the minds and hearts of others naturally. How does this trait benefit an average individual possessing this quality?

  15. Transference of power
  16. Is passing on duties and rights from parent to sibling an effective method of maintaining the presence or quality individuals in charge?

  17. How to choose someone deserving of power?
  18. Our rulers can take the position by force, be voted in, or be born into their position. These methods of selecting a ruler have often resulted in suffering for many. Explore possible alternatives for selecting a ruler.

  19. Should the entire planet be controlled by one individual?
  20. As we progress as a species, many believe our ultimate goal should be the unification of all countries on the planet under one rule. Discuss how this would be beneficial to all types of people living in the world.