12 How To Choose A Great Dissertation Topic On Mental Health

In order to find the best the best choice of a topic for your mental health dissertation, you would have to consider a few significant factors. These factors will give you the opportunity to explore the different facets of mental illness that will further improve the learnings and pertinent knowledge in the field of psychology as well as psychiatry.

Pertinent Factors to Consider

  1. The first factor has to do with correlation. The topic that you will choose should be able to connect to other related fields of study. As an example, you can use genetics and heredity as your main topic in relation to mental health or lack thereof. This will open the door to other related issues worthy of being discussed and investigated.

  2. Secondly, you have to consider the relevance of your topic. How will you be able to discuss something that has no bearing on a modern day mental health issues? You ought to choose a topic that relates to the daily life of the common individual.

  3. For example, you can choose stress and its causes as a topic for your dissertation. How does the modern world contribute to man’s personal stress? How will you be able to relieve yourself of stress once you are able to pinpoint the cause?

  4. The next factor that you need to consider when it comes to choosing the right topic is its healing properties. You have to ask the question, “How will this topic help improve mental health conditions and the alleviation of mental illnesses as a whole?” Once you are able to answer this with certainty, then you may be able to utilize the topic for your own study.

  5. You can also consider a topic for its contribution to future solutions to mental illness. You can try using your research to expound further on a previously related or similar study. This way, you will easily be able to find connections between old and new discoveries in the medical field.

  6. About this, you should be able to find related material to your topic easily. This is why relevance is of utmost importance when it comes to selecting a topic for your paper. A relevant topic will have readily available source materials.


Using these pointers, it is my hope that you may be able to find the right topic for your dissertation needs. Choose something that will challenge you in terms of writing style and content. It will surely improve your skill and self-confidence about investigating mental illnesses.