9 Examples Of Outstanding Dissertation Topics On

Globalization is the concept of culture, knowledge and experience no longer being restricted to its original location in the world, but can now be transferred globally via various means as a result of advancements in our communications and transportation technology. Previously isolated countries and cultures are now easily able to interact with the entire population of the world, form trade relationships and share ideas. Here are nine examples of dissertation topics on globalization:

  1. Threat to tradition
  2. Many traditions are kept alive by being passed from parent to offspring for generations. As children today are exposed to the internet and television, they may not want to follow traditions since they have so many other, more interesting distractions.

  3. Interracial marriages
  4. Historically most countries were made up of a population of a specific race, with very little variation. As people from different locations are easier able to meet and communicate, the rate of multiracial marriages has increased.

  5. New type of relationships
  6. Before you had to arrange a date with a romantic interest and meet at the predetermined location to pursue the relationship. This is no longer necessary, two people can meet via video chat from completely different locations.

  7. Changing religious views
  8. Some religions have been isolated for generations and only recently has the followers been exposed to other forms of spiritual practices. Though, no religion has been completely dissolved yet, there are many converts due to globalization.

  9. Objectification of things considered holy
  10. Some cultures have sacred practices that may seem quite weird to the rest of the world. When images or videos of these people are seen by foreigners, a curiosity rush can be created sometimes forcing these people into hiding.

  11. Human trafficking
  12. Exotic females spark interest and desire in some men and so a market is created, one that illegally supplies these men with the exotic fantasies they desire.

  13. Business opportunity
  14. Developed countries often have access to common items that are rare in other, less fortunate locations. Many business investments have been known to flourish in newly discovered economies.

  15. Health risks
  16. It is much easier for someone to travel from one country to another and take any disease they may be afflicted with to the new destination.

  17. Trade of labor
  18. The population of a less developed country is often willing to work for much less than those in wealthy countries and so the labor trade is very common today.