The 17 Best Management Master's Thesis Topics

A person writing a management master’s thesis is required to stick to his area of interest. However, you must consider aspects beyond your area of interest. These aspects include originality, relevance, uniqueness and availability of research materials. Such considerations ensure that your research adds value to the field of management.

Here are excellent management master’s thesis ideas to consider

  1. The perceptual misconception in the relationship between overtime and performance
  2. How locus of control affects the performance of students in tertiary institutions
  3. The non-monetary aspects that affect employee performance and retention in the banking industry
  4. Evidence that board composition has an effect on the performance of firms
  5. Employee performance appraisal and how it affects the motivation of employees and their effectiveness at work
  6. How supervisory behavior for sales teams affects their performance, satisfaction and turnover
  7. How employee behaviors during acquisition are affected by communication
  8. The impact of mentorship programs on career growth
  9. The effect of fairness perception on employee motivation, retention and comfort
  10. Human resource management practices and their impact on employee behaviors
  11. Participatory decision making model and its impact on employee performance
  12. Knowledge of procurement trends and its impact on the performance of employees
  13. HR policy awareness among employees and its impact on job satisfaction
  14. Effective succession planning and its impact on employee retention
  15. Compensation packages and awareness and how it affects the performance of employees
  16. Self regulation and its impact on motivation
  17. Organizational diversity and its impact on conflict resolution

The above thesis topics are regarded as the best because they capture trending issues in management. There are many other ideas to base your management thesis on. They can be gotten from the following sources

  • Recent journals and publications- these are academic materials that study the field of management with the aim of providing insights. Reading through the journals provides hints on topics that are yet to be explored. Authors recommend areas for further study which will guide you when choosing your topic.
  • News Items- business news items highlight issues of concern to the industry. This is a social genesis for your thesis topic. It will make your paper relevant to the market and thus improve its appeal to readers.
  • Consult your supervisor- request your supervisor to provide guidance on choosing a topic for your management masters thesis. Supervisors are familiar with your strengths and weaknesses as well as different study areas in management. Their assistance is reliable.

The topic you choose for your management masters thesis should add value to the discipline. It will be easier to write if it is guided by passion. Consider an issue that is of concern to the society today.