Picking Up Dissertation Topics On Nutrition: Useful Tips & Examples

A dissertation has to follow a set of serious guidelines on the chosen topic. The dissertation topics on nutrition seems very easy, interesting and educational to many, however research and draft part is pretty intricate. You need to gather lot of primary and secondary data while writing an interesting introduction, an educational body part and an influential conclusion.

Your topic should reflect your area of interest. Among the whole list of nutrition topics you select from Food health, public nutrition, household food security, food policies or any global food issues, the answer of all the questions you ask yourself should come in yes.

If you are willing to write a winning dissertation on topic “Nutrition”, below questions can be helpful:

  1. Are you able to create a topic rather than finding it?
  2. Is this topic interests you?
  3. Does the topic offers well grounded research information about the subject?
  4. Can you manage the topic on nutrition well in terms of time frame, availability of data and resources?
  5. Are you competent enough to deal with the topic?
  6. Is the dissertation topic on nutrition relevant in terms of theoretical and practical parameters?
  7. Has the topic been chosen earlier by anyone else?
  8. Will it accomplish your objectives?

What to do while choosing the topic?

  1. Do not choose a vague topic. Ensure that you compile your ideas in a well format and express yourself well and not lose the rack.
  2. Do not choose an over complicated topic that you fail to deal with. It’s because you will not be able to complete your research work within predefined time.
  3. Your topic should expand as your research progresses.
  4. Your writing should go through the process of a well formatted draft.
  5. You should have the ability to create the data, if you can’t do that; your dissertation cannot be completed.
  6. Your topic should be an interesting one and keep the readers engrossed.
  7. It should not repeat content already present in the collected data.
  8. The topic on nutrition should educate the readers with new information.

Example: If you are likely to write on “breastfeeding and nutrition”, offer some breastfeeding knowledge, discuss the attitudes, intentions and beliefs existing among people living in professional work culture and those living at home. Write the objective of carrying the research work on “breast feeding and nutrition” in infants. Talk about the bibliometric method carried out and the results drawn thereafter. Specify what was concluded as a part of the dogmas and ideologies in terms of science based theories when discussed in nursing care and state why breastfeeding should be promoted by others for infants.