A List Of Excellent Information Security Master's Thesis Topics

How to write a Master’s thesis on information security?

  • Step #1: Choose a topic of information security that is current, trendy, and a little controversial.
  • Step #2: It is good have a list of five possible subjects on information security to choose from for your thesis research paper.
  • Step #3: Do not be afraid to ask your professor for a fun information security topic to write about.
  • Step #4: Before deciding on the final subject matter, it is good to do a little research on three possible ones.
  • Step #5: From the three possible topics, choose the one that has the most researchable information on it.
  • Step #6: When you have all the information gathered from research it is good to put it into a well-organized outline.
  • Step #7: The well-organized outline should be used as a guide to writing the first draft of the thesis dissertation.
  • Step #8: The student must ensure to write two rough drafts of the graduate research paper.
  • Step #9: Each copy of the term paper needs to be reviewed and revised by a professional editor to check for typos, spelling errors, sentence format issues, and grammatical errors.
  • Step #10: The professional editor can also ensure that the thesis term paper flows easily and understandable when read.
  • Step #11: The final draft of the dissertation term paper needs to be carefully checked for errors, typos, and can be read easily.
  • Step #12: After the graduate research paper has been reviewed and edited, it is time to turn it into receive your Master’s degree in information security.

Here is an excellent list of information security topics to do a Master’s Thesis on:

  • What does it take to build a good security system for a small business?
  • How can companies protect their computer systems from trojan horses, viruses, and worms?
  • How can companies protect their computer systems from major cyber-attacks?
  • How can major department stores better protect their customers’ personal information from hackers and cyber-attacks?
  • How can small businesses train their employees to protect company computers from certain security threats?
  • How to properly test the company’s computer system for information security flaws?
  • How can a company properly train their IT department to detect current security threats?
  • How to choose the best security system for your company’s computer system?
  • Why do government agencies have the right to track citizens’ activities on social media platforms?