How To Come Up With Undergraduate Law Dissertation Topics

Undergraduate law studies offer such a wide variety of topics that can easily make for great dissertation topics. Still, there are many undergrads that have trouble coming up with something original and interested to research and write on. If you find yourself in this situation you should have a look at this list of great topics:

  1. Should a single designated international group or institution have all the power in determining whether there is a threat to international peace or a clear breach of peace between two or more nations?
  2. Under which copyright laws or codes are new software technologies protected? Should there be separate set of laws specific to software considering the relative ease for software to be duplicated?
  3. What evidence is there that prove the existing of self-determination of minorities amidst important historical events and legislature? For instance, consider the ways discriminatory laws were abolished over the course of several decades followed by long periods of legislature to help include more minorities in places of power.
  4. Why is it so difficult to govern and enforce online copyright infringement such as copied text, images, video, etc.? There are ways for people to find out when violations have occurred but there doesn’t seem to be an efficient governing body enforcing the law?
  5. How has the internet and digitalization in general made the copyright system more difficult to be effective in protecting the rights of intellectual property owners?
  6. Discuss how criminal law and punishment has led to a new ways in considering how laws are developed and written in communities?
  7. How will current political trends affect the way laws are affected in the next decade? Do you think it’s as simple to predict this or do people generally tend to vote for what they are comfortable with at a current time?
  8. Develop different ways in which private parties and special interest groups influence not just politics but also the ways in which laws and how they are written?
  9. How do vastly do state laws differentiate from federal law and why is the right for a state to write and govern its own laws so important to a state’s relative independence and societal identity?
  10. When considering what legal actions and penalties to pursue against minors who have committed a non-violent felony, what do prosecuting lawyers need to consider and focus on in order to win the case?