Fail-Safe Guidelines For Writing Your Doctoral Thesis

Many years and much effort go into a quality Doctoral Thesis. You have been working your way toward this goal for a long time. When you begin the actual work, not the preliminary studies, use our tip sheet for fail-safe moves for your paper.

Fail-Safe Guidelines

  • Set Goals-set your goals early. What do you wish to accomplish when you are finished with this paper? What do you want to learn, prove, and present?
  • Work Backwards from the Due Date-from the due date, move backwards and setup your schedule. I would say lie to yourself and give yourself at least a two-week buffer in case you get off track for any part of the process or perhaps get ill. Always build in extra time.
  • Read Up-read as much as you possibly can on your subject. Remember, one of your goals is to become the expert when you are finished. Read everything you can get your hands on.
  • Write-once your topic is approved, you have set your goals, you have a schedule, and you have exhausted yourself reading, then begin to write. The first piece of writing you do should be an extensive and in-depth outline.
  • Proofing Team-when you finish, bring in a professional to do your proofing. This act will give you some rest time and will allow new and fresh eyes to look at your paper for you. Hire the professionals at this point in the game.
  • Your Advisor You Shall go-when the paper is proofed, and all your other steps have been completed, and then go see your advisor. He or she will view the entire paper and decide what he or she thinks. The advisor should have seen the paper in bits and pieces as it progressed. If it is good to go, the advisor will tell you.
  • Making Copies/Submission-your advisor will let you know if he approves or if it needs corrections. Once it is approved, your advisor will tell you how many copies to make and will direct you to the submission paperwork. Then you can submit it. The amount of copies you will need is dependent on your school and your department.
  • Waiting for the Review Process-now you get to wait. The decision will take a fair amount of time, so you can catch up on lost sleep and just relax. If all is well, you will be submitting your doctoral degree paperwork before you know it.