Top 24 Dissertation Ideas For Social Psychology Students

Dissertations are key requirements for research any field. They state what exactly the research intends to accomplish in his/her research. Therefore they should be as authentic as original. In social psychology where the main focus is the interaction of individuals in various groups, dissertation should be geared towards investigation of how individual behavior is influenced by others. Immediate social interaction comprises the main focus. Coming up with these theses can be a bit challenging to many social psychology students. Below are top 24 dissertation ideas for social psychology students that can be of help to many;

  1. Discuss the role of family in early onset of non-verbal communication in infants.

  2. Assess the magnitude and duration of factors modulating automatic priming effects in relation to social behavior.

  3. What are the implications for sustaining self-integrity and understanding interpersonal relations?

  4. Discuss the relationship between chronic health conditions and loneliness

  5. Discuss various ways of developing measures of social networks among older people.

  6. Discuss the relationship between social networks types, housing and health of older people across time.

  7. Social pressures are the major contributory factors to moral decay among the youths. Discuss.

  8. With illustrations from social psychology theories, discuss what has contributed to our understanding of social psychology.

  9. What are the socio-psychological causes and effects of alcohol consumption?

  10. In social interactions, what makes some people more attractive than others?

  11. Discuss the socio-psychological causes and consequences of childhood bullying.

  12. Discuss the impact of culture in bringing unity and cohesiveness in the society.

  13. Discuss the impact of career to one’s social status in the society.

  14. What are the psychological impacts of extended caregiving?

  15. How does charismatic leadership influence relations between leaders and followers?

  16. Discuss socio-psychological aspects of climate change including causes and consequences.

  17. Basing you argument on group identity theory, discuss strategies that facilitate and undermine human cooperation.

  18. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of cross-cultural intimate relationships.

  19. With examples, explore and explain socio-psychological aspects of cults.

  20. Discuss the socio-psychological impact of socio-cultural beliefs.

  21. Discuss the socio-psychological challenges that are encountered by immigrants

  22. Discuss the impact of technology on interpersonal relations and communication.

  23. Discuss the role of religion in bringing people together.

  24. Discuss the socio-psychological effects of crowding and high population density.

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