How To Write A Successful MBA Dissertation: Practical Advice


Many students struggle in their MBA dissertation writing process because they do not plan well from the beginning. Usually, writing an MBA papers takes more time than planned for because literature reviews, data collection and analysis can take more time than expected. However, it is imperative to plan for it to ensure that there is not excessive time wastage, which can lead to missing the deadline.

It is advisable to set a specific date when to submit your first draft to the supervisor. Planning the writing process can see you figuring out what type of help to go for. It will see you set specific time for seeking this help, which goes a long way in ensuring that the work is perfectly done.

Discuss the topic with the supervisor

While beginning to write immediately on a given topic can help finish the work in time, many students end up frustrated with the topic they chose, yet they have already spent a lot of time on the work. For instance, it is not a wonder to find out that the topic chosen does not have adequate research materials for your literature review, just after completing the introduction section. Some students end up choosing topics that result in diffuse pieces of work - it is naturally impossible to stick to a single focus with these types of topics. Thus, it is important to discuss with the supervisor about a given topic once it has been chosen.

Avoid developing new research models and frameworks

Aggressive students will always want to. However, if time is not adequate to develop new models - for instance new models of entrepreneurship, work with existing ones. Indeed, rarely will time be adequate for development of new research models. At your level, you also do not have the skills or credibility to do so.

Discuss a topic that stands the test of time

It is not worthwhile to put all the efforts with an intention of only getting MBA credits. Under such circumstances, it is difficult to stay motivated to do the assignment. Finding an area and a topic with some potential of being developed in future can really be useful in this regard. Think it this way: you might want to pursue a postgraduate degree in the same area and it is likely you will decide to progress with your research work. c