A List Of Creative Ideas For Nursing Dissertation Topics

Your dissertation is based on research. When you are looking for topics, you should choose something that has plenty of information for you to find. You must showcase your extensive knowledge of the subject and analyze what you have gathered.

Writing a nursing dissertation is similar to other assignments because it has the same general style and layout. The only difference is that your subject is specific to nursing. You have to find something that your advisor will accept, something practical and underused.

You can begin by looking for other dissertations that have been submitted to your school, that way you can see what has already been done, what you think you can contribute to, and what subjects need more attention.

The four areas of nursing are mental health, pediatric, surgical, and child health. You should choose something that pertains to your degree. Whatever your major is, there are plenty of topics from each area for you to choose from. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Treatments and outcomes for a stroke
  • How to care for and manage patients with chronic pain
  • The importance of family therapy in cases of juveniles with eating disorders
  • What is the most effective therapy for patients with schizophrenia?
  • What role does a midwife play if a mother suffers from post-partum depression?
  • Treatment and management for a patient with post-traumatic stress disorder
  • What techniques are most effective when working with difficult patients
  • Does having a good relationship with a patient improve their health – does it help them get better?
  • Does gardening help elderly patients decrease their stress levels?
  • Does laughter therapy help patients with depression?
  • Does experience make a difference in a nurse's ability to handle stress? Does their tolerance for it improve over time?
  • The most effective techniques for nurses to help their patients relax
  • Are patients who suffer from seizures awkward in social settings?
  • A study of AIDS – its impact on society and how people's views have changed
  • A study of poverty and the role it plays in childhood illnesses
  • High-risk pregnancies and the role of the mid-wife in such situations
  • A report of healthcare plans around the world – what they cost, what they include, and how beneficial they are to patients
  • The experience of a traumatic childbirth from the eyes of the patient, nurse, or both
  • The shortage of nurses – the effects this has on patients and how to solve the problem